Welcome to Eric's country shop

The Burgundian Country Shop
from Bergen, in the middle of nature

Largest range of tastiest food and drinks. Discover our test kitchen in our new greenhouse!

What perhaps not everyone knows is the special place where ERIC's country shop is housed.

Outside the village, in the middle of the fields and with a beautiful backyard where you can sit when the weather is nice. With coffee from Vascobelo or a cup of tea with something sweet or savory. There are weekly tastings or the BBQ is started in the beautiful outdoor kitchen of WWOO where various dishes are prepared, and the customer is introduced to the most delicious wines. Organic has everything in the field of healthy and delicious food. There is, for example, the bread baked in the night from the Vlaamsch broodhuys, a wide range of domestic and foreign cheeses, Brandt & Levi meats from Amsterdam, local fresh products, special specialties, a wide choice of organic and naturally made wines, olive oil on tap, top quality organic meat and chicken, smoked fish from Frank’s Smokehouse, freshly roasted nuts, too many to list. You will also find daily products, from peanut butter and washing up liquid to vitamins and natural cosmetics!


The best bread from vlaamsch broodhuys

Fresh fruits and vegetables every day

large range of organic wines